Arabic Gum Crystals 500g


Gum Arabic’s Prebiotic Potential

If you’re familiar with gum arabic, you probably know it’s used in the food and nutraceutical industry as an emulsifier. Beyond this, gum arabic contains a substantial amount of fiber and is even sold as a fiber supplement, typically marketed under the name “acacia fiber.” Dietary fiber, particularly from gum arabic, is a prebiotic and is essential for strengthening the population of good bacteria in your gut. A study from the British Journal of Nutritionshowed supplementation with gum arabic increases good bacterial strains, most notably Bifidobacteria and Lactobaccili bacteria. Probiotics get a lot of attention, but discussions about prebiotic supplements are few and far between.
Gum and type 2 diabetes

No, I’m not talking about chewing gum, but a type that comes from the acacia tree and is known as gondh or acacia gum. One reason why it may help individuals with type 2 diabetes is that acacia gum is a good source of fiber, which can help lower cholesterol levels and assist with weight loss.

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